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 Warning - phishing

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Warning - phishing Empty
PostSubject: Warning - phishing   Warning - phishing EmptyThu 27 Sep 2018, 09:15

A mail list with my name on it appears to have gone astray – so if anyone claiming to be me mails you asking for loans et cetera, DON’T ANSWER!
I have just received a mail claiming that I stand to receive a gift voucher for DKR 10,000 to IKEA. I just need to fill in a few forms!
A – the mail sender seems an ordinary Hotmail account – suspicion # 1,
B – the alleged surname of the sender was guab – accounting to Urban Dictionary this is an acronym for ‘goofy, unimportant, ass bitches’ – suspicion # 2.
Conclusion: I have not opened said mail and intend to do a Shift-Delete on it.
Take care
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Warning - phishing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warning - phishing   Warning - phishing EmptyThu 27 Sep 2018, 09:25

There are so many scams around these days, Nielsen, but you appear to have been savvy enough to not fall for the scam.  I had somebody ring me up and tell me there was something wrong with my telephone hub yesterday - I discontinued the phone call.  I've had emails telling me I need to pay for something on iTunes - when I'd never bought anything on iTunes!  This was a while ago and I did an internet search and it turned out that it was a scam and had happened to a few people.

Actually a funny email did go into my spam folder yesterday but it may not be because of your mailing list, Nielsen.

There is a site https://haveibeenpwned.com/ where people can look to see if their email has been "pwned".  It isn't 100% foolproof of course - one's email could have been hacked without it showing up on the site.  My yahoo email had been hacked so I use a different email for work now.
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Warning - phishing

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