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 Mary immaculate conception-perpetual virginity

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Mary immaculate conception-perpetual virginity Empty
PostSubject: Mary immaculate conception-perpetual virginity   Mary immaculate conception-perpetual virginity EmptyThu 04 Jul 2019, 20:36

Sparked by nordmann's BVM (blessed virgin mary) I remembered that we learned in the nunschool (six years old) about the "immaculate conception" of Mary. At that time we learned also about the "original sin" in connection with Adam and Eva...later I learned I think it was on the BBC board, that the "immaculate conception" was the fact that Mary was not burdened with the original sin as that would have been controversial as being the mother of a human, who was at the same time God. And I thought that that was an explanation for the word "virgin" in connection with Mary. But this evening I learned that that are two different connotations. And with "virgin" the Catholic Church meant really: without male intercourse...
And I had to know it while my father many times, when there was a birth and the lady in course said that she didn't know from whom, said sneering: "it is certainly from the Holy Ghost"...
My quick research and I was already warned by an endless article in Dutch from a professor in theology about that "immaculate conception"

And there you see already the difference that I mentioned above.
And I see this "immaculate conception" as quite a logical reasoning (nordmann?) from the Catholic Church as with the original sin and the "God/human" of the son of Mary.

But that "perpetual virginity" was a harder nut to crack...
And the position of:
· Geza Vermes is Professor Emeritus of Jewish Studies at Oxford. His latest book is The Nativity: History and Legend 

And I see now that the Protestants starting with Luther didn't differ not that much with the Catholics or it have to be "some" groups. At least they don't make a great fuss about it.

Kind regards from Paul.
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Mary immaculate conception-perpetual virginity

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