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 The Kielcy incident

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Dirk Marinus
Dirk Marinus

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The Kielcy incident Empty
PostSubject: The Kielcy incident   The Kielcy incident EmptyTue 10 Sep 2019, 18:38

Never read or heard about this particular incident until it was mentioned on a TV program.

Have a read through the link below:


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The Kielcy incident Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Kielcy incident   The Kielcy incident EmptyMon 16 Sep 2019, 00:12


I heard already from that Kielce incident in 2011 on the French Passion Histoire.
a certain Zephyr put two youtubes in the discussion about the progrom in a conference of Professor Gross but I see now that the site is transferred to another site, where I don't find anything with the reference anymore..
But it is about a Polish professor and his points of view aren't always recieved in thanks (in dank afgenomen).
Here his book:

And as I read in the several entries today it is still a "heated" subject in Poland, especially with the nowadays nationalist tendencies
And Gross can be right in his conclusion that it was born from fear, the taking of Jewish property by the Poles during the war many times in criminal cooperation with the Nazis...and now those Jews were back to ask perhaps for their stolen property. And in such circumstances the mob can return to many myths of the past even Roman Catholic ones...but also some controversy if it were the Communists...of course from a Catholic point of view...and about the conference mentioned by Zephyr in the Madagascar thread: 21 January 2008
"When the book by J. T. Gross ‘Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland After Auschwitz’ appeared in Kielce I bought it at once since the crime committed in Kielce on 4 July 1946 has occupied my mind and conscience for a dozen years. I have written about that event in my book entitled ‘Ksiadz Czeslaw Kaczmarek, Biskup Kielecki 1895-1963’ [Fr Czeslaw Kaczmarek, Bishop of Kielce, 1895-1963], published in 1991. On the 50th anniversary of the crime, in 1996, I experienced, together with other Poles, a terrible smear campaign against our Nation launched by the Jewish circles in the United States and Canada. On that occasion there were many talks and publications about ‘the Polish concentration camps.’ That heated polemical climate in America inclined me to write the book entitled ‘Pytania nad pogromem kieleckim’ [Questions About the Kielce Pogrom] (Wydawnictwo Jednosc, Kielce, 1998, 1999 and 2006). Having read ‘Fear’ I awaited the meeting with Professor J. T. Gross, to be held in Kielce on 21 January 2008. I was not invited to the panel discussion but the local television station and press invited all people for the open public meeting with the author. I arrived at the Zielinski Palace at 5.37 p.m., so I was there 23 minutes before the meeting, which was to begin at 6.00 p.m. Unfortunately, I could not get inside since I did not have a special invitation. I hurried home so that I could watch the meeting with Mr Gross and the invited guests on television. Yet, ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ (issue 19/2008, Wednesday, 23 January 2008) wrote in the article ‘Gross in Kielce’ that ‘there was no representative of the Kielce Curia at the meeting’ (p. 20).
I want to answer ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’, ‘I wanted to come but I was treated as persona non grata (an unwelcome person). In spite of that I want to join the polemical discussion, which Prof. Gross blew up again. In particular, I want to respond to the thesis that the people who are to be blamed for anti-Semitism and the pogrom in Kielce are the following: Poland’s Primate Cardinal August Hlond, Cardinal Adam Sapieha of Krakow, Bishop Czeslaw Kaczmarek, other bishops and clergy as well as the Catholic society in Poland."

Kind regards from Paul.
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The Kielcy incident

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