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 Canaris: negociations with the Allies WWII

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PostSubject: Canaris: negociations with the Allies WWII   Wed 13 Feb 2013, 22:15

Already some 8 years that I first read about it in:
it was as great a mistery as for instance, acted Rudolf Hess alone, or who was the man behind the murder of Darlan...
I prepared a survey of my knowledge for a thread on the French history forum Passion Histoire:
But before I could intervene the thread was locked. To be honest the title of the thread was a bit misleading:
"Did Churchill and Roosevelt want to ally with the Nazis (in the opening message stand in 1943)...
And then more bisassed: it was part of a neo Soviet leftist site...
I have to say when I did research now some 8 years ago I met also about the subject all kind of "ultra" right or "left" sites even as Roosevelt the greatest murderer of the world...because he hadn't agreed to the peace questions from the German opposition...opposition which was in my opinion undecided as to eliminate Hitler and as from all what I read, perhaps a part from Oster, were all for the continuation of the existence of the "German Reich" with eventually an assistance to the allies in their future war with Bolshevism...
About my comments on Canaris:
and I think that I can find my BBC links on the BBC too...
A site which is perhaps biassed (nearly sure Wink ) is
but it uses among others all the events of the Heinz Höhne Canaris book, which I also read and commented.
But again I suppose the quotes are used to support the sites point of view even if the quotes are saying something else...
If you read their survey:
I have the impression that we have to do with fundamentalist American Catholics....
Nevertheless after all what I read I suppose that there were contacts between Canaris and other high ranking Germans to negociate an end to the war with the West and a defence against the Communist East...
Perhaps my best résumé of my thoughts is in the message of 19 September 2009 in the second Passion Histoire thread that I mentioned above:
Le livre commence avec l'incident que vous mentionniez près du Chili. Selon moi et en concordance avec mes recherches ailleurs le livre est excellent. J'ai un site sur l'auteur Heinz Höhne en allemand et en anglais. Je suppose qu'il existe un aussi en français. Si vous êtes intéressé je chercherai les détails en français. Höhne est un journaliste allemand respectable et semble avoir fait aussi des études 'histoire.

La thèse est que Canaris était une figure de Janus avec deux faces et si je comprends bien l'auteur et d'autres articles que j'ai lu il était contre Hitler pour ses prises de la Tchécoslovaquie et ulterieurement la Pologne, mais comme Beck et d'autres généraux, il était comme homme de droite pour la lutte contre le Bolchévisme. Et lors de ses tentatives chez Roosevelt et chez les Anglais par voie directe et par le Vatican, même après 22 Juin 1941, il n'a jamais compris que les Amèricains et les Anglais préferaient l'Union-Soviètique avant les Allemands de droite. Il n'a jamais compris que le Nazisme devait d'abord être extirpé avant qu'on pouvait commencer à penser au danger bolchévique.
(The thesis points to a Canaris as a Janus figure with two faces and if I understand the author well and confirmed by other articles that I read, he was against Hitler while he had taken Czechoslovakia and later Poland, but as Beck and other generals, he was as a man from the right politics in favour of the fight against Bolshevism. And in the case of his efforts to Roosevelt and the British by direct way or via the Vatican, even after 22 June 1941, he has never understood that the Nazi movement had first to be exterminated before one could start to think at the Bolshevist danger.)
I put this thoughts here, not expecting too much reaction, but as a global résumé of my research if I can use it in the future on another occasion Wink ...but if you are interested please react... Wink

Kind regards, Paul.
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Gilgamesh of Uruk

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PostSubject: Re: Canaris: negociations with the Allies WWII   Wed 13 Feb 2013, 22:27

Apparently, when U-Boats were to be scuttled in 1945, some German commanders suggested just opening the ballast tanks, so that they could be retreived for the imminent war which would see the Germans as allies of the British and Americans against Russia.
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PostSubject: Re: Canaris: negociations with the Allies WWII   Wed 13 Feb 2013, 22:41

Thanks for the reply, Gil.
Yes and even in the SS...
Kind regards and with esteem,
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PostSubject: Re: Canaris: negociations with the Allies WWII   

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Canaris: negociations with the Allies WWII

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