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 Throwing More Light on Early Man

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PostSubject: Throwing More Light on Early Man   Sat 29 Jun 2013, 11:20

According to a new study throwing is a uniquely human adaptation and without our development of the ability we would not have advanced far beyond the trees.

The ability to throw was one of a handful of changes that enabled us to become carnivores, which then triggered a host of changes that occurred later in our evolution,” Lieberman said. “If we were not good at throwing and running and a few other things, we would not have been able to evolve our large brains, and all the cognitive abilities such as language that come with it. If it were not for our ability to throw, we would not be who we are today.


I suppose throwing tantrums could be considered a uniquely human adaptation as well, although chimps do it too...Smile
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Throwing More Light on Early Man

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