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 Homo sapiens returns to Africa

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PostSubject: Homo sapiens returns to Africa   Fri 09 Oct 2015, 20:56

Read this today on BBC World and I thought, as we discussed before the Homo sapiens and the Neanderthaler, Gilgamesh could be interested...
And found also this on the web:

Some remarks from me:

In the first link one speaks from "4500 years ago"
In the second link one speaks from "3000 years ago"
Does that mean that we in Irak, Syria are then with the Assyrians...? Did this recent Homo sapiens pass then through Egypt and Ethiopia on his way to South Africa...?

On the old BBC forum and also on other fora I took part in the endless discussion especially from Americans about the Black Athena and all that...the white or black colour from pharaos and all that...
Will the White Power Supremacists now use this as...but OOPS in Iraq it were not White Nordic people but Semites...although what were Nordic people and Semites 3000 years ago...I ask...

Kind regards, Paul.
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PostSubject: Re: Homo sapiens returns to Africa   Fri 09 Oct 2015, 23:03

Paul, the 4500 BP dating, so around 2500 BCE, refers to the Mota Man skeleton from Ethiopia which has purely 'African' DNA and the 3000 BP dating, around 1000 BCE, is the proposed date for the hypothesised return migration to East Africa from the near east and so the introduction of the 'Eurasian' DNA.

The second article suggests that this migration was prompted by problems within the Egyptian Empire and the date, c. 1000 BCE ,would be during the third Intermediate Period when there were certainly significant political upheavals and weakness, droughts and all sorts of instability there, and then around the start of the first millennium CE, the ancestors of the Khoisan people began moving south.
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Homo sapiens returns to Africa

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