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 World's deadliest sniper

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Dirk Marinus

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PostSubject: World's deadliest sniper   Tue 08 Mar 2016, 16:52

When we read books about or even watch TV documentaries the word snipers is often mentioned especially when the Stalingrad battle is discussed.

It has been said that a British Royal Marine corporal is world’s deadliest sniper with a kill rate of 173 confirmed kills during tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

However some checking and googling reveals that a Finnish marksman , Simo Simuna Häyhä nicknamed “White Death “ killed 505 German soldiers during the Finnish /German conflict and is considered to be World’s most deadliest sniper

Ivan Mikhaylovich Sidorenko “a Russian sniper” seems to have killed over 500 German soldiers during WW 2.

Could it be that the word ”confirmed “ is the over ruling factor?
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Nobiles Barbariæ

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PostSubject: Re: World's deadliest sniper   Wed 09 Mar 2016, 08:16

How are these things audited?

And there is another factor to consider - not all engaged as snipers regard the number of deaths at their hands as something to be recorded at all, let alone applauded. Conscience and fear are powerful deterrents to publicising such slaughter. We will never know the identity of the "world's deadliest sniper" and can be reasonably sure that whoever lays claim to the title, or has it conferred upon them, assumes the mantle ahead of others who would only be too glad the recipient has drawn attention and analysis from their own activities as specialist killing machines.
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World's deadliest sniper

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