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 Pastafarianism and intelligent design

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Pastafarianism and intelligent design Empty
PostSubject: Pastafarianism and intelligent design   Pastafarianism and intelligent design EmptySat 16 Apr 2016, 21:54

This afternoon reading my start page of BBC world on my computer I found something about New Zeeland and was immediately thinking about Caro...

In the past in discussions on the BBC and all about Darwinism and evolution contra Creatonists I met some contributors who referred to the Flying Spaghetti Monster...I always thought that it was a joke, but today I see it is for real...
And even that:

And it seems to be a reaction to teaching of creatonism and a further alternative, development: intelligent design...
Intelligent design which seems to try to prove that evolution was guided by an intelligent design(er)...and that it can be teached as science instead of a belief...
Of course the protagonists say that they are not Creatonists...

I always have some suspicion that it has something to do with Protestant countries and the Bible...even in the Netherlands, which is half Roman-Catholic they start to moan about the interdiction of teaching creatonism in classrooms...
At least with all their flaws the Roman-Catholics haven't that... Wink The intelligent design is a faith and not science...but yes I agree they have other oddities as saints and angels and devils and all that....but at least as I understand them they admit that it is all a belief...
And excuses for my ignorance Embarassed ...have the Calvinists and other Protestants also "angels"...? 

Kind regards, Paul.
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Pastafarianism and intelligent design

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