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 Michel de Grèce and the Greek royalty.

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PostSubject: Michel de Grèce and the Greek royalty.   Sun 10 Feb 2013, 23:00

I read during the holidays (Tenerife) "La nuit blanche de Saint Petersbourg
by Michel de Grèce

I read already another historical novel from him based on the real life of the last sultan: "Le dernier sultan" (1991). I made in the time some comments about Turkey and this novel on the BBC boards. I see now this evening that he made also an historical narrative about our Belgian Charlotte, daughter of Leopold II and wife of the last emperor of Mexico, who became mad after the murder of her husband and resided till the end of her life in a small castle in Belgium.
For Islanddawn I did some research for the Greek royal family and the Greek history since 1830. (although in essence a Republican, I am nevertheless interested in royal families especially when they influenced history...)

For those who understand fluently spoken French: this interview with Michel Prince of Greece and Denmark:
If someone wants to discuss the modern history of Greece, please join. Perhaps our Greek friend from Thessaloniki will also join (on the French messageboard Passion Histoire he was "ene". I recognized him by his "style" and he had to admit that he was "he"...Have to say he wrote better French than I...Three lingual and an engineer and that interested in history..."il faut le faire" one says in French...(one has to be able to do that all...)

Kind regards, Paul.
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PostSubject: Re: Michel de Grèce and the Greek royalty.   Mon 11 Feb 2013, 10:48

Hi Paul, thankyou for the links. I find royals oddly intriguing too, although I can't agree with hereditary power there is still something that fascinates about them all.

It is unfortunate that I can't speak French, your forums do seem very interesting, although there are a couple of members here who do. Our Greek friend, Niko's English wasn't half bad either, it was just a pity that he was prone to posts that measured in the kilometers! Ti na kanoume as is said in Greek, (what can we do?...)
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Gilgamesh of Uruk

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PostSubject: Re: Michel de Grèce and the Greek royalty.   Mon 11 Feb 2013, 19:07

Could insist he posts in Latin? Should at least halve the amount of verbiage!
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PostSubject: Re: Michel de Grèce and the Greek royalty.   

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Michel de Grèce and the Greek royalty.

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